Na nasze usługi udzielamy gwarancji.

Wyróżnia nas indywidualne podejście do każdego Klienta.

Tworzymy unikalne zabudowy względem najbardziej wymagających potrzeb rynkowych.

Nasza produkcja jest zgodna z dokumentacją homologacyjną i normami jakości.

Autobusy kontrolujemy na każdym etapie produkcji.

About Us

Our company was established in 2003 under the name „Zakład Usługowo-Tapicerski Tomasz Gad” [Upholstery Services Enterprise Tomasz Gad]. The bus superstructure production commenced in 2005. At that time the company developed own superstructure production technology, that has constantly been improved since then and has implemented market novelties taking into account the individual needs of our clients. In 2015, in November, we obtained the complete vehicle approval for the production of superstructures on the base of MB Sprinter, under the name of BUS-CENTER. We chose this name for the company and starting July 2017 we are in Central Register of Businesses [CEIDG] as BUS-CENTER Tomasz Gad.

At the turn of 2018 we started cooperation with IVECO Poland. We are the manufacturer of bus superstructure on the base of IVECO Daily 50C and 65C.


Taking into account the essential role of not only obtaining clients, but also their maintenance, we care for fast and efficient guarantee services and complaint management. We have different approach to each client we counsel and advise, and we are flexible. We provide guarantee for the completed bus superstructures.

Internal ISO standard

We are constantly modernizing our enterprise and develop the production technology, adjusting it the the needs and requirements of vehicle manufacturers and our clients. For this purpose, in 2015 we implemented the internal Quality Management System. The standard of our company is the comprehensive service provided to clients and quality control at each stage of the production process, in conformity with the implemented ISO quality system.


We have been cooperating with goods and materials suppliers as this cooperation give us the guarantee for the superstructures completed by us. Our works conform with standards and regulations, have all the required documents, such as: certificates, approvals, attestations. As a result, we also have the possibility of providing services for our clients in the area of whole Poland.


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