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Financing - bus bodyworks

As a company dealing in professional construction of buses, we have signed contracts with financial institutions, and we help to finance the purchase of vehicles. Currently we work with leases: Santander, Millenium, IdeaGetin, Impuls Leasing. We also established a cooperation with Go-leasing, an institution that is a partner network of leasing and loan brokers car. Thanks to this, we have the opportunity to prepare an offer for a customer in nearly 40 proven and reputable leasing companies and banks. This allows our clients an execution of orders related to e.g., the purchase of buses.

Financing concerns only buses manufactured by us. Experience and cooperation with leasing companies gives us the opportunity to find financing that is favorable and tailored to the needs of our clients who will order a vehicle or an installation from us.

Choose to lease if you want to

  • reduce the tax base so that the new item does not constitute business assets (fixed assets)
  • finance the purchase of a fixed asset quickly and efficiently
  • maintain the current level of creditworthiness
  • receive a registered and insured vehicle

Choose a loan if you want

  • a shorter funding period
  • be the owner of the item purchased using funds from loan
  • be able to repay the loan at any time
  • increase tax-deductible costs by depreciating the purchased item
  • have more freedom in disposing of the item


We deal with transferring the contacts, acquiring tailored offers, transferring and circulating all of the documentation on the supplier’s side for leasing (a set of documents for registration). It is possible to sign a contract in any place in Poland indicated by the customer.

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Favorable financing conditions - take advantage of the offer prepared with our customers in mind!