Na nasze usługi udzielamy gwarancji.

Wyróżnia nas indywidualne podejście do każdego Klienta.

Tworzymy unikalne zabudowy względem najbardziej wymagających potrzeb rynkowych.

Nasza produkcja jest zgodna z dokumentacją homologacyjną i normami jakości.

Autobusy kontrolujemy na każdym etapie produkcji.


Since April 2018, in the framework of cooperation with IVECO POLAND, we also have the complete vehicle approval for the bus on the base of this make.

Available options:

Model: 50C             19+1+1
Model: 65C               21+1+1
Model: 65C    22+1+1(R66)
DMC 6500 kg

Wheelbase 4100 mm

It is possible to extend the trunk.

B-class buses completed by us require the fulfilment of very demanding EKG ONZ 66.02 Regulations, ensuring safety for passengers and a driver during overturn to the side while in motion or during accident.

Our factory bases on the system of quality management adjusted individually to the needs of bus production. As a manufacturer, we are subject to annual audits of the Ministry of Transport of Spain, checking the conformity with all the procedures and technical conformity with the approval tests performed (e.g. safety belts anchorages and seats adjustment, safe window panes, electromagnetic compatibility , heating and several other items).


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